What Is Network Marketing

Most people still have not idea what it is. I remember some people ask me what do you do? I said I don’t know if you’re familiar with it. It’s network marketing. Ooh you mean like computer and things like that? Some even funny answer. Some people said it’s direct selling. Some people even smarter said it’s MLM…

Some people even funny. When they share what they are selling on social media platforms, they mentioned specifically that they are Not a multi level marketing. They let the world know that they are legitimate selling, not some type of pyramid game. Shiiiii !!!

What is marketing? Marketing is a certain strategy you use to get the customer’s attention so that he eventually ends up buying your product. 
There are about 150 different ways you can market your product. I’m just going to give you an example of some of them here.

Direct sell is I sold product to you. I sign you up, and then I get fast start bonus. That’s direct sell. That’s not residual income.
Direct-to-consumer business model and single-level distribution model,
paying compensation based solely on sales to direct customers. So far, two network marketing companies from the USA, Herbalife and AdvoCare are changing their network marketing business model to direct selling business model. Because of violation, FTC storm the gates, guns blazing. Residual income is when I’m not recruiting and I’m not selling, and yet I’m getting paid by the purchases those people in my team. That’s residual.

So how do you explain what is it that network marketing? Some leaders in this business will explain in educated and sophisticated approach. I’m going to explain in a simple understand approach. It was like this. “I like the product somebody introduced to me. I used the product. And I found out that I can enrolled online. Instead of paying retail price, I get buy at wholesale price. It make sense to me. The other thing I found out that if I introduced to other people, then I get paid on their purchase. And if they introduced to people, I get paid on their purchases too. No matter how far that goes. After you have been around in this business for some times, you will be living on residual income all those years later. Just travel the world, do what you want to do.

I remembered one of the top leader shared that in his last 26 years in the profession, he never sold a bottle of product. He said it would be amazed if he can sell $500 a month. But one of his team can move over $20 million of products a month.

If you’re interested in how this business or this profession will create a lifestyle of your own, contact me. I will show you more. Because I’m still working hard to build my own. I will help you to build yours also.

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