How Do You Choose A Company?

Which company you should put your future in?

Many people wonder, what kind of company is fit for me? So, when you’re going to start a career or business, what areas you need to look for?

Rules of 4 / 4 wheels in a car

Wheel #1 – The Company

Who is the owner? Who are the people in the company? How many owners? Check out the owner. Check their history. Any network marketing administrative experience, management experience? Is it distributor or top leaders’ experience? Any company in the past crush & burn? What is the company address?

Good examples from these companies. Vemma, Herbalife, Young Living, Monavie. Shut down, reset their business model, FTC lawsuit, FDA warning letter, sell off, suite number address. Stay away from people like this: short agenda, selfish agenda, personal agenda. We want a stable corporate leadership.

Wheel #2 – The Product

Is it commodity product? Any FDA warning letter? Is the price cheaper in the Amazon? Is the product give value? Is there any product claim?

Is the products you can find in any company? If it’s commodity product, it’s very hard to keep people loyal. They’re going to move around. It is very hard for you to build a solid residual income that’s going to pay you for decade, decades of time. I’m very nervous about patches or transdermal. It is a medical device. That have to be done by doctors’ prescription. Is the price selling cheaper in Amazon? People can buy cheaper on Amazon, then why they buy from you? The product should give value to people. People love the product without plan attached to it.

Wheel #3 – The Compensation Plan

Is it for the many or for the few? Is leaders show you the money, the luxury cars, the 5-star trip? Any income disclosure?

A compensation plan for the many, not just for the few. Somebody show that you can make money in 20 ways, such as rank, level, generation, infinity, bonus pool, etc… At the end of the day company only afford to pay out so much. Most companies pay out 50-60%. That’s about it. That’s fact. Go to google, type in your company name, and put in income disclosure. The income disclosure is going to show monthly x amount of dollar per rank position. Look at the first 3 ranks position income, and ask yourself, is that a good money? Good company has income disclosure per rank position published. Binary plan, unilevel generation plan. Either way you have to keep build people. Don’t believe you just build one side or 2 people, and earn you big money. Don’t think binary plan are easy. Don’t think binary plan pays out more money. I don’t like only balance the leg to get pay. I don’t like being cap the business, cap the income. You should get pay with your work. Meaning when your downline or customer purchase the product, at 100 point, you get pay. That’s where you income coming from. This is what I like the uni-level generation plan. This plan has been around half a century. Look at some of the richest people in network marketing, they’re in uni-level generation plan. That’s the fact.

Simple easy to understand activity. For example, sponsor 6 people, who sponsor 6 people, everyone purchase 100 point of products, you will earn $1000 monthly.

Wheel #4 – The Team

Who is your sponsor? Who is your upline? Is that person really dedicated to your success? Are the team progressive? Is it system-dependent or people-dependent?

Your sponsor or upline responsible to help you, to support you, to make 3-way calls with you. But they’re not going to build for you, or remind your goal. They shouldn’t. We need to have system for everyone without leaving home. Have presentation video, PDF files, venue meetings, facebook lives, zoom calls, online training. A sponsor still in the building business mode, not successful sponsor. That means they will work with you to build the business together.

If you’re interested in how this business or this profession will create a lifestyle of your own, contact me. I will show you more. Because I’m still working hard to build my own. I will help you to build yours also.

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