What are you selling? Because I’m not

I’m not selling you anything but everybody is buying! I remember a top leader in this business shared he never sell anything in the last 20 years in business. Never sold a bottle. He said if he sold $500 worth of products, it would be very amazing. In this business, his teams move $20 million of products in a month.

So in this business I totally believe that is what you love is what you promote. I’m a promoter, but I’m not a sales person. I’m going to promote what I love. I’m going to show them why I love it, what values it gives to me, and what values it can give to them. So basically we play the role of consultant.

我没有卖给你什么东西,但每个人都在买! 我记得在这个事业的一个顶尖收入领袖,他在过去的20年中事业从不销售任何东西。 从来没有卖过一瓶。 他说,如果他卖出价值500美元的产品,那将是非常了不起的。 在这个事业中,他的团队在一个月内移动了2000万美元的产品。
因此,在这个事业中,我完全相信你所喜爱的就是你所分享的。 我是分享人,但我不是销售人员。 我要宣传我喜欢的东西。 我要向他们展示我为什么喜欢它,它赋予我什么样的价值,以及它能赋予其他人的价值。 所以基本上我们扮演着顾问的角色。

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I LOVE helping people figure this business out and have fun doing it!
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