Are you sick of arguing with people that your network marketing product/service is the BEST opportunity? Few days ago, a friend from a local group invited me to look at his opportunity.

So, we met an appointment to meet up in a local restaurant. He said he is going to only talk to prospects that he thinks is fit for this business opportunity. And he is not aggressive in this opportunity. He is not really going to build this business.

I don’t care how great is your business opportunity. If you want to recruit me, you have to show your aggressive in this business. In this business, you’ve to sell YOU, not your business opportunity or products.

In this business, you have to talk to people every day.
I’m postured around network marketing. I don’t care to convince them.
I don’t need their acceptance, approval, agreement. I don’t care to turn them around. I don’t care about any of that stuff. I just share what is my opportunity or products, what’s the values I benefit, what values are going to bring to them.

Most network marketers do not have posture around network marketing. If someone says,“Hey, I don’t think that’ll work.”

But my mentor will reply.
“Oh really, it won’t?” “But it’s worked for me.” In the last company he’s joined 20 years ago, he made $27 million lifetime income, and it’s still growing today.

So, if someone is cynical, skeptical about network marketing, they’re going to continue to be cynical, skeptical and so just go to the next person.

Stop being defensive. Being defensive is a waste of time and energy.

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