What Are You Selling In Network Marketing

What are you selling actually? I see so many people when they come to this business, all they do is selling products. All they promote is how good is the product, the features and ingredients of the product, what the product can do for you, etc…etc…

So, I think majority of those people are just focus on the direct selling model, which is selling the products. They haven’t convert or upgrade to network marketing model. Today, a very impressive guy from Indonesia in Linkedln, he sent me an invitation to connect, and I accepted his request. And we started to connect in Linkedln. We started to have some chats. So, I asked him “what do you do?” And he replied “I’m build my internet business with the funnel system and triliun dollar industry products.” Wow, very impressive funnel system. So, I asked him “Very impressing. Any particular company?” So this is what he gave me his reply. “Maybe you already know the company. Maybe it is your competitor. You can click my company website on this link below.” I think you know what his company is, so I don’t provide the link here.

First you told me you build a internet business with the funnel system, later you said it’s your competitor and you send me your company link. What are you selling here? Your funnel system or your products?

So, I replied with this. “Yes, same business model, but different company. I never think competitors or enemies in this profession. Have you ever going to the Eric Worre or Ray Higdon events? All those people are coming from different companies, and you can make some very good friends with great people from different companies. We all contribute valuable stuff to the community. We want to make this profession a good place to build a business.” And I continued. “How long have you been in the company?”

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In network marketing, you’re not selling the product or selling the service. I know you can acquire customers obviously and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that. I’m a customer. When I joined my company 4 years ago, I still using the products. All my family do. But, I want to always remember that you’re selling people on the idea.

In network marketing unlike all other careers, in network marketing you’re selling them on the idea that they can also sell it. You want that person observing what you do and believing they can do it.

Understand that the power of network marketing is unlike all other marketing.

Who Could Do What You’re Doing?

You have to remember, the real money comes in getting more people to believe that they can do it. Hopefully. you’re using a system that ANYBODY can follow. Because we are going to the masses, not just the few rockstars.
We are going to get normal everyday ordinary people to believe.

If you’re interested in how this business or this profession will create a lifestyle of your own, contact me. I will show you more. Because I’m still working hard to build my own. I will help you to build yours also.

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