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This Isn’t About Selling

Not everyone is selling, but everyone is buying. This is so very true. So many people just don’t understand this concept. Because everyone is thinking this way.

I think people just too afraid if someone is trying to share something with them. People always asked “Are you trying to sell me something?”, “Are you selling this product?”, “This product very expensive”, “Are you doing MLM or direct selling?”, “I don’t need this product”, etc…

Yesterday when I share with one of my #LinkedIn connection about a side project that I’m doing now. She’s really funny. First, I asked her “I’m involved in this business. Are you open to take a look at what I’m doing now?” She said ok. So I shared a link with her. Later on I followed up with her again. And she said, “It was like an epiphany to get back into entrepreneurship.” I don’t understand what it means. And she goes again, “You could have sold aids medication.” I don’t sell medication. I don’t sell product. And she goes on, “You need to target American Churches do well with pyramids like that?” “Anisha Bailey online was selling the water pyramid.” “You know whats selling that I buy is biotin tablets to grow your hair.” “Maybe you can put together a vitamin range and sell it to Meijers. I buy vitamins from Meijers. I don’t like buying from just anyone, I trusted stores to sell vetted and trusted products.” The whole thing is all about selling. I don’t sell product.

I will be amaze myself if I sell $500 of products in a month. Let’s say if I sold one bottle of product, I made 25%, that’s about RM30. If I create a team, I can move millions of dollars of products every month. So, we are in the business building, selling product is not going to get me wealthy, but moving product does. It’s actually same concept as the McDonald’s franchise system. If McDonald’s just focus on selling burgers, it’s selling a burger. If McDonald’s is selling the franchise system, it’s going to move millions of dollars of burgers every month. Which one will get you wealthy? So, in our network marketing, we are just like walking franchise to move millions of dollars of products every month. I prefer recruiting walking franchise to move the products, not recruiting someone to sell the products.

So, you need to have a business owner or entrepreneur mindset if you want to have a residual income.

If you’re interested in how this business or this profession will create a lifestyle of your own, contact me. I will show you more. Because I’m still working hard to build my own. I will help you to build yours also.

Mike Wong


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