Expensive? Are You Joking?

Recently, one of the leader is in #Philippines for the company event. This event is expected 7,000 people to come. This is a huge market. If you know about this country, you know their income level, and you know their mindset of how to make money.

This leader sharing in his facebook. “I started here 15 years ago pioneering this country. Today it is a major market in my business. The people here are beautiful, humble, kind and modest! We market a $80 dollar product in a country that earns anywhere from $3-10 a day with their job. When people ask me in the USA, how expensive is it, can people afford it? I just laugh!”

Philippines is a country that we are very proud of. Of all the 70++ countries in the business ranking, the company market in this country is in extensive growth, and rank no. 4 worldwide. Great potential country. 10 years ago, the company convention is about 300 people… and today it is over 7,000 people.

I remember in my country here, people are complaining very expensive. We market RM180 product in our country that earns anywhere from RM100-$200 a day with their job. So, when people ask me very expensive the product, I can’t afford it. I just laugh! Just two years ago, the company decided to change the annual convention to gala dinner. Our people here just don’t have the mindset to do this people.

So, what’s the difference here? Philippines market is increasing, but our market here is decreasing. It’s all about the mindset. People here just want to get something for nothing. They want to make money in few months after join this business.

Mindset! Mindset! Mindset!

If you’re interested in how this business or this profession will create a lifestyle of your own, contact me. I will show you more. Because I’m still working hard to build my own. I will help you to build yours also.

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