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A big reason why people fail in network marketing.

The moment you stop caring so much about what others think of you is when you’ll have one of your biggest breakthroughs. We all want to be ACCEPTED. I get that.

People care too much about what others think about them. In fact, you care so much that it’s causing you not to do what you actually set out to do. You’re going to be faced with negativity.

Your PURPOSE as a self-employed entrepreneur is to grow your business. We do it for the freedom it provides. It’s not to seek acceptance from others.

They don’t prospect because they are afraid of how people will respond to them.
They don’t follow up on those they initiated with because they don’t want to face someone saying NO.
They never take any action and blame others because they can’t get past their inadequate feelings.
They don’t move with specific intent because they feel they’re worthy of receiving great things in their lives.

Who cares whether they say like what you are doing or not?
Who cares whether or not they are judging you?
Who cares if they say NO?

The Solution: Letting go of the need to be accepted.

Do your thing.
Live your life.
Once you start applying this, everything will change for the better.
Work on yourself and improving your skills.

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