How do you like a career that will give you a recognition? 想不想有一个事业给你一个认可,给你一个成就感?她努力付出13年…

恭喜Fanny Meza 来自南美洲一个国家,达到了黄金国际钻石位阶。她努力付出13年的时间建立了这个事业。那么达到这个位阶的收入又是多少?根据公司的收入报告(2017),每月的平均收入$36,xxx,每年平均收入是$433,xxx。13年的时间建立一个收入流。

Congratulation to Fanny Meza from Ecuador for achieving the Gold International Diamond rank!

Fanny has been building this business for 13 years. She has built her business alongside her mother and siblings, making it a family affair.

🎉This is an amazing achievement!



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