Mike Marsha Akins

January 24, 2016

I was approached by someone in my downline about another MLM opportunity. I realized each of you experience this. Here is what I emailed him. Maybe this would be useful to you.

Thank you for the invitation. Always feel free to share any opportunity with me that you would like.

There are a number of reasons why I would not be interested. If I was interested, you would be the person I would enroll through.

In this industry, there is a syndrom where networkers lack enough faith to completely apply themselves to one particular program or have the patience to give themselves a chance to succeed. Every million dollar earner in MLM will tell you that they had to work very hard and face many challenges to get where they are now. But it was worth it to have such an income that will last a lifetime.

Millions of networkers over a few decades have tried so many programs only to fail, have companies close down, change pay plans, spin their wheels and not know why.

This is why it is so important when you are developing a profile of a succcessful leader that people can place their faith in you to lead them to great success.

When a leader is doing a number of programs at the same time, it gives the impression that you don’t have the faith in any one of them to totally focus on one program. There is a cliché in MLM about being a “MLM junkie.”

4Life understands this principle and this is the reason why their Policy Manual states that if you introduce any other 4Life distributor to another program you can be terminated. 4Life is trying to say to its distributors this opportunity is residual you can count on it.

When the average networker analyzes a MLM program, there is a doubt in the back of his/her mind that they can do it or if the opportunity will be a vessel that will carry them to success. When a leader approaches them and is known for working more than one opportunity, it encourages them to have these doubts and concerns about the leader and about the viabiliy of the program. The person’s question in the back of his/her mind is can I count on you to there for me in the future or are you going to drift to some other program and do you really believe this opportunity will get you there.

Top leaders in the industry have developed a profile of working one program. There are passionate and committed to the program that they claim to believe in. I don’t know one great leader that is earning a six or seven figure income that works two or more programs.

Since the mid-80s there has been several dozen network marketing companies that have used brokered productsfor a number of conventional companies and also a number of MLM companies that used travel as its product. Most all have failed and went out of business.

I have known several top earners in these companies and all of them at some time or another have admitted to me that they couldn’t develop a consistent and reliable income from this type of marketing,.

The presentation these companies use sounds good but have not lived up to sales presentation.

The nutritional industry has proven to be the most secure with a monthly residual income. 4Life Research is the best of the best according to all I have learned in my 48+ years of successful networking and from the 3 ½ year study.

Thank you again for thinking of me. I look forward to our successful journey in 4Life. Be blessed.

Highest regards,