……… Working from home entrepreneur #WFH

Hello, friends and family, my name is Mike Wong. I came from a poor family in Malaysia. My dream is to have better life for my family and myself.

When I finished secondary school, I looked for a job. To get experiences, to learn the skills, and connect with people. I worked in Singapore, and I worked in USA. Over the 15 years of my job life, I connected with like-minded people, business people, leaders, charity-minded people. I learned a lot of things from all those connections.

At 30, I started my first business venture with 3 people. First business venture will not ended happy to me. We failed the business, and I lost about RM100,000 investment in the business. Lost almost half of my entire job saving money. Business venture with huge capital is not on my mind anymore.

Later, I was going into online trading business. Helping a business partner looking for suppliers worldwide. We look for plywoods, softwoods, hardwoods from worldwide suppliers.

At the same time, I’m looking into another business venture, that’s network marketing business. I learned the business structure, and income structure. Find the right company with the product I loved. Invest $200 to get started. 15-30 minutes a day to ask people to take a look at the product and the business opportunity. Building a network of consumers, building a sales organization.

My job now is to educate people about our product and business opportunity, to inspire people to have a better life, freedom, quality life.

Give me a call 📞, +6016-878 6007
Or email me: mikewong808@gmail.com